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S1 min Cloud Mountain | 1 min They Talk | 1 min Eihwaz | 1 min Övergivenheten


Jonathan is now represented by

Agent Fia Hammarström ( Hammarström Agency )  &  Manager Simon Eriksen Valvik ( Astrum Agency)  


Jonathan Tufvesson, They Talk, Prime Video, Feature Film
They Talk, poster, Film,


A thriller/horror/mystery released on Prime Video and other streaming platforms. 


I portray the leading role Alex Brown. An American sound engineer who accidentally records mysterious voices: disturbing messages from the afterlife who warn him against an imminent and terrifying danger.  

Produced by: Bartleby Film, PFA Films and Run Film. 

Distribution by: Uncork'd Entertainment & Vision Distribution.

Director: Giorgio Bruno

Jonathan Tufvesson, Cloud Mountain, Vjus, Jonathan Tufvesson, Actor, 2023, JTufvesson, Skådespelare, Sångare, Kreativ Producent, Talent


A fictional adventure, Sci-Fi fantasy saga in the making. Filmed in Norway. Bits and pieces has been released. Enjoy behind the scenes and more.  

About: One desperate man’s journey and quest through time searching for the answers that’ll cure his daughter, himself and ultimately the world.

I portray the leading role Rick here. I'm also the writer and share the role as a creative supervisor.

Produced by Vjus & Andyax .

Director & Creative producer: Anders Øvergaard

Jonathan Tufvesson, Cloud Mountain, Actor, VJUS
Jonathan Tufvesson, Actor, 2023, JTufvesson, Skådespelare, Sångare, Kreativ Producent, Talent, Soilwork, Övergivenheten, Foto by Johan Kuurne


Jonathan Tufvesson, Hanna Oldenburg, Övergivenheten, Soilwork, Foto by Johan Kuurne

This music video has now reccived awards worldwide. It's created for the melodic death metal band "Soilwork" and their release of the new album and song "Övergivenheten".


As lead actor, creative producer and writer I'm very proud. 

Produced by Johan Kuurne & Machinery Productions.

Distribution by Nuclear Blast Records.

Director: Hanna Oldenburg & Johan Kuurne


Eihwaz, Jonathan Tufvesson, Actor, 2023, JTufvesson, Skådespelare, Sångare, Kreativ Producent, Talent, Award winning actor


Eihwaz film poster

Award winning Swedish featurette in the horror/mystery geanre. Digital release 2023.

My role Stefan is one of the three leading characters. A driven, energetic man who seems to know more than anyone else.  


Produced by Film i Halland, Rydén Media,

Emmelie Fasth & Erik Elmgren.


Director: Axel Rydén


The One, Den Rette, By Vicky Jones, Jonathan Tufvesson,  Grünerløkka Geriljateater,

The One (Den Rette)

The Norwegian premiere of Vicky Jones's play "The One" at Salt Art & Theatre in Oslo. A bleakly comic depiction of a couple trapped in a destructive cycle of love and lust, exploring taboos about gender roles and sexual violence.

Leading role, Harry (Rune).  

Produced by Grünerløkka Geriljateater

Director: Julie Ibenfeldt Lindvik 

The One, Den rette, 2023 , Salt Art & Theatre, Oslo, Jonathan Tufvesson
Karl, Anna i ødemarka, Jonathan Tufvesson, Jonathan Tufvesson, Actor, 2023, JTufvesson, Skådespelare, Sångare, Kreativ Producent, Talent

Anna i ødemarka

Norwegian outdoors theatre based on the best selling novel and true storie.  I also worked as a creative producer and writer developing the trailers for this production. This tragedy and heavy drama became a critic succsess in Norway 2023, a famous critic named us "one of the most attractive summer theatre in the country"! 

Leading role, the antagonist Karl Widén.  

Produced by Kopparleden Teaterlag

Director: Ida Høy

Anna i ødemarka, Hilde Drevjsjømoen, Jonathan Tufvesson, Actor, 2023, JTufvesson, Skådespelare, Sångare, Kreativ Producent, Talent
Godspell Official Poster, Jonathan Tufvesson, Jesus, Press photo, Jonathan Tufvesson, Actor, JTufvesson, Skådespelare, Sångare, Kreativ Producent, Talent


Godspell Official Poster, Jonathan Tufvesson, Jesus, Press foto

Photo: Pressfoto

We went on tour in Sweden in 2018 with this revival of the award winning Broadway show. I was nominated "Best actor in a musical Sweden" and the show was nominated for "Best musical Sweden" by Broadway World Awards 2019.

Leading role, Jesus. 

Produced by Malmöopera. 

Director: Roine Söderlundh

Jonathan Tufvesson, Göteborgsoperan, Steve,


Modernised take on the classical rock musical produced by Gothenburg Opera 2016-2017. The show became one of the most succesful shows the opera house have ever experienced. 

Here I portrayed the drug dealer Steve and coverd for both Woof & Hubert.

Director: Rikard Bergqvist

hair, Göteborg, Foto Mats Bäcker



The Norwegian radio drama series was nominated best radio fiction by Prix Europe 2020. I'm a Swedish friendly travel guide with two faces.  (NO SUB. In Swedish)

Produced by Rubicon for NRK.

Supporting role, Claes 

Director: Kenneth Karlstad.



I got my first and so far only MOTIONCAPTURE experience filming cinematic scenes while portraying the lead role Conan and a few NCP's. 

Produced by Funcom 

Director: Peter Lee


Norwegian comedy series where I'm UFFE, a classical take on the Swedish man working multi jobbs in neigbouring Norway. He's one of four lead characters.

Produced by ANTI TV 

Director: Marie Kristiansen.


Hingsten, Jonathan Tufvesson, Ninja Thyberg

Translated "The Stallion". This Swedish short film was the opener for Stockholm Filmfestival a few years back. An erotic coming of age story where I portray Peter a supporting character.

Produced by Everyone we know.

Director: Ninja Thyberg


In 2006 I shoot this with Oscar Nominated Ruben Östlund on the west coast of Sweden. We all portayed a version of our selfs here in this piece.This short was one of my first gigs as a infront of the camera. 

Produced by Plattform produktion.

Director: Ruben Östlund

H V I T E   G U T T E R

The Norwegian Comedy hit series (White boys). In S5 E4 I was a guest on the show as the character Simon, the leader of "Hypecrew deliveries". Fun fact is that we improvised all our scenes togheter.

Produced by FEELGOOD Scene Film og TV

Director: Julian Hagemann


Mix of Song 

Heaven On Their Minds 
[ Jesus Christ Superstar ]
Full song in SWEDISH 

“En Dimmig Himmelsdröm”- Rehersal


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