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Jonathan Thomas Tufvesson Larsson was born in Gothenburg, Sweden the winter of 1988. He's a Scandinavian actor and now a dual citizen of Sweden and Norway. Latest big news is the release of "They Talk", his first international starring role in a feature film. This followed by acting in and co-creating the award winning music video "Övergivenheten" for Soilwork.

Jonathan started his professional career in his early teens both on stage and in front of the camera. Over the span of eight years he attended three different drama schools in Sweden while working on various productions at the same time. He's been active in the entertainment industry for over twenty years now in everything from theatre to motion pictures, TV, musicals, motion capture, concerts, voice-overs and more. You may also have seen him fronting major brands Worldwide and in Scandinavia. This performer have a wide range of skills coming from a long background of elite gymnastics and dance. He's a singer of both classical music, rock and pop culture. A rising talent, a skilled craftsman of countless colors and a force among the up-and-coming new generation of actors.​ 



The Academy of Music & Drama (Aka. Artisten)

Bachelor 180 p - Gothenburg University

Acting, Singing & Dance - Musical Theatre

Acting training based on Stanislavski, and the YAT-Malmgren/Laban system. For my bachelors final thesis I compared these with The Method, Uta Hagen, Cannon and MeisnerSinging and speech/vocal coaching had roots from classical Shakesperian theatre and opera. Also Modern -,  Complete vocal - and orthodox techniques. Dance covered  Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tapp and more. 

2009 - 2011

Wendelsberg Theater School

Folk High School

Acting, Singing & Certified Drama Pedagogue

One of the oldest folk high schools in Sweden. Wendelsberg’s highly popular drama course is aimed at those who wish to work professionally as an actor or drama pedagogue. Students are involved not only with developing their acting skills but are required to be involved in all aspects of the theatre from directing to making props. The school provides an authentic work situation, offering access to a fully equipped stage and workshop.


Mimers Hus Gymnasium

Upper Secondary School

Acting, Singing & Aesthetic Orientation

This is where I first got my daily stage habit portraying several challenging characters for my age. Musicals, cosplays and yearly christmas shows.   

Quotes // Interviews

"Where mind goes energy flows."


"I'll percist untill I succed."

"I am proud, happy, humbled and blessed.

I love my profession and each role is an adventure."

"The three pillars: focus, balance and presence."

"I intend to make every obstacle an opportunity to learn."


"Diffrent perspectives create different truths. " 


"Your character ultimatly becomes your destiny." 

Headshot, Jonathan Tufvesson, Foto by Martine eren Jakobsen

 - C R E A T I V E   P R O D U C E R -



- P R O J E C T   D E V E L O P M E N T -

Soilwork, Övergivenheten, Jonathan Tufvesson, Actor, Foto by Johan Kuurne

As a freelancing entrepenour and creative producer I've worked with many aspects of a production.  "Övergivenheten" and "Cloud Mountain" are late examples, productions where I'm integrated from the start not only as leading actor, but togheter with a production team (offen a DoP and/or Director). I've directed, written scripts, developed; characters costume design, colour themes, cinematic language, cuceptual ideas, mood/vision boards, make-up and.. whatever task I face I make sure to solve. I'm passionate about creating high quality content that manages to captivate the audiences world wide leaving them wanting for more. Together with tools I've aquired from other lines of work I offer my services to help clients acchive goals, develop and ultimatly grow.


*Other examples of previous work experience includes Teaching, B2B & B2C sales, Vocal coaching and more. As a consultant I've worked as key account manager for Nordic media concern Schibsted 2019-20, as Drama Teacher & Vocal coach I've been teaching master classes at various institutions and taking on private students. I've also been a trainer in gymnastics and worked the service industry back in the days.. In between I'm hired privatly as a freelance consultant to help develop businesses and people.  

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